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Last Updated 13th December 2022, however information may have changed.

There are many accommodation options and styles in Griffith and we have assisted by providing some information on a small number of these. You should however do your own research as we make no recommendations of any over another, or whether it may suit your individual circumstances.

Some accommodation options are now booked out, however we have spoken to various providers who do still have vacancies available. While all cabins at the caravan parks are booked out, there are many more motels available. Booking online is often more expensive that calling the motel’s directly and making a direct booking. Some motels also don’t have online bookings that far in advance. Our enquiries have found some of the larger motels have regular clients and are often fully booked by bus tours.

Caravan Parks

There are 2 Caravan parks in Griffith.

  • Griffith Caravan Village (02 6962 3785) – 1 Gardiner Road, Yoogali, approximately 700 metres from the proposed Tour starting point each day. All cabins fully booked. Powered sites available reserved under name of Rob Woolley.
  • Griffith Tourist Caravan Park (02 6964 2144) – 919 Willandra Avenue, Griffith, approximately 3km from the proposed Tour starting point each day. All cabins fully booked. Powered sites and powered ensuite sites available. Sites reserved under name of Rob Woolley


There are a number of motels in Griffith, only a few of which are listed here. For more options see the further information included below.

  • Econolodge Griffith Motor Inn (02 6962 1800) – 96 Banna Avenue, Griffith. This motel has limited parking options. Has rooms available.
  • Exies Bagtown Motel and Function Centre (02 6962 7166), 2-4 Blumer Avenue, Griffith, approximately 1.9km from the proposed Tour starting point each day. No rooms available.
  • The Kidman Wayside Inn (02 6964 5666), 58-72 Jondaryan Avenue, Griffith, approximately 3.8km from the proposed Tour starting point each day. This motel has no trailer parking available. 10 rooms available reserved under Griffith Veteran Vehicle Tour.
  • Acacia Motel (02 6962 4422), 44 Jondaryan Avenue, Griffith. Has 30 rooms available.
  • Citrus Motel (02 6962 6233), 71 Jondaryan Avenue, Griffith. Has 28 rooms available.

Trailer parking will be arranged for those who require it and is not available at their accommodation.

More Information

For further details and options on accommodation options in Griffith:

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